Here I am, Tatiana Heuman, originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina and now world citizen.


I am an independent artist, drummer, electronic musician, singer AND spanish teacher.

I love to travel exploring folklorical traditions around the globe. It inspires me and it opens my mind. Travelling I found out how important a language is in order to understand different cultures. But also the cultural knowledge helps deeply to enjoy the real flavour of the target language.


Being an independent artist is not easy financially, you have to develop other resources to support your career.

I suddenly discovered how much I enjoy writing my lyrics, recording and editing audio.

The idea came to my mind... I thought:

I love my language; I am quite good in grammar, I can work with audio easily... How about teaching Spanish? And I loved it!




I know how important is to know the local language.

Nowadays I am based in Mexico where I started developing this website. I want to offer different resources to learn spanish organically and ENJOYING IT.


One of the most important missions of Natural Spanish is to

foster language learning by getting to latin american culture through language.


Join the journey!

I am sure I can guide you to make it pleasant and amusing ☺


I am a certified teacher for the Cervantes Institute and Tía Tula Center (Spain, Salamanca).

I have been teaching spanish to people from all over the world and all ages in totally different contexts. I have always had wonderful experiences and happy students.

I can see the happiness in their faces when they start to speak with the locals. 

Language is one of the most important features of every nationality and culture.

I have mainly worked in Oasis Surf and Spanish School in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, México and independently in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The rest of the time I am making music!