I perceive the waters of the world as one big skin, one same body, which is part of mine


I do not know how I was born, but I always understood my function: to clean up the mess, to revive. 


I am a vocal cataract of healing fluids to purify seas and rivers. 


I produce saliva in gushes, the main source is my big mouth, although the emergency has made other spaces of my body salivate and sound, like my navel and salivary holes have opened in my back and crown of my head. 


my voice produces sound waves that levitate tiny droplets of water into air bubbles so that I can analyse them and inject my active saliva into the contaminated particles.


I create microclimates of pure and nourishing water where life is still possible, here in the deepest depths it is still possible


I didn't know that I could reproduce until one day I laid an egg, asleep, without even knowing it, it seemed like a dream. 

a black egg as shiny as a highly polished stone 

I wanted to eat it, to swallow it at once 

but something stopped me,


I put my tail around it 

as if protecting it 


and at that moment I knew that if we were going to be more of mine it was because of urgency 

and that urgency was going to push us to the surface. 


wretched, selfish and unbridled humanity was summoning us and we had no choice but to cater to its whims.


Brown bear saliva found to contain chemical that kills Staphylococcus aureus

The goal of the larger effort is to find naturally occurring chemicals that are able to kill bacteria that infect humans—bacteria that are evolving to become resistant to traditional treatments.

I have a natural frequency of ninety vibrations per minute: not so many, just one and a half vibrations per second. 

I vibrate all the time, even when I sleep, although a little bit slower.

my family doesn't know what to do with me anymore... what measures to take...

I have a complicated family: from my first wife I have four children left. Now I am with a very rich woman who also has four children, so we are ten in total. 

my children, boys and so young, have to put up with my continuous vibrations. 

I transmit my vibrations to the furniture and, in the moments of greatest enthusiasm, to the whole family.

My wife-concubine usually gives me some money to stay somewhere else and allows me to stay at home two days a month.

I am a painter. All my paintings have my personal and unique style. 

Critics define it as "vibrant", they have not yet agreed on the denomination. 

I can say that I have some success as an artist. Some astute painters are already beginning to imitate me. They fixed like statues, they vibrate the canvas with some electrical device. 

Theoretically the result should be the same, but my paintings have that something dreamy that the others lack.

My vibration does not present, logically, the same amplitude at all levels of the body.

Let us suppose that I am standing upright: my feet are firmly on the ground, otherwise my body would not remain stable: the vibration begins to become visible at the level of the knees, it is more accentuated at the level of the belly, and becomes violent at the level of the head; my hands are a real frufru. 

Indeed, from my person there is a murmur of foliage, a rustle of wind that is not unpleasant, an extraordinary sensation of life, which is understandable if one thinks that life is movement and, in short, vibration. Around me my eight children seem clumsy, coarse in their staticity, slow, immobile: not even their fervent youth can compare with a vibration of ninety cycles per minute, which add up to five thousand four hundred per hour and one hundred and twenty-nine thousand seven hundred per day. In bed, on the other hand, my vibration reaches its maximum amplitude at the height of the pelvis. 



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