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Sampling Lab with Ableton Live

By Tatiana Heuman


▶ This is an invitation to create music and sounds understanding audio processing as a means of manifestation.

We will  tackle production, collection and selection of samples as a shared and public process.

Our input material will be sounds from public and individual demonstrations.

The access to a sounds library will be provided and it is also expected than the participants bring their own audios to work with.

We will use the software Ableton Live, but the knowledge acquired could be applied to any other DAW (digital audio workstation).


Depending on the experience of the participants, the workshop will be adapted.


▶The practise will be based on learning & applying:

▲ Audio editing tools.

▲ Using and understanding the grid to make rhythms/beats.

▲ Use of Warping, Simpler and Sampler.

▲ Ideas and proposals to structure/organize a composition


Using the tools at hand we can communicate in a powerful way.

We will work with audio creatively to express ourselves beyond the visible.


▶ Latest workshops 2019

11/01/2019@ ZVUK Synth Library, Prague, CZ

13/01/2019@ Sounds Queer? in PRAHA Fórum pro architekturu a média, Brno, CZ



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