an invitation to listen and to create music and sounds understanding audio processing as a means of manifestation.


Deep Listening® Workshops


From an essentially practical approach, we will open a laboratory space to go through different experiences: sound meditations, attention exercises and expanded listening following the Deep Listening® methodology by Pauline Oliveros. We will give priority to non-verbal language and the documentation of each activity in order to obtain sensitive and creative material from the process.

Oriented to any person, with or without formal musical knowledge.

Language: English/Spanish

2-3 hours lenght

Live / or / Virtual by Zoom

6-15 places



Listening + collective composition/production workshops :



Sampling Lab with Ableton Live

We will  tackle production, collection and selection of samples as a shared and public process. Our input material will be sounds from public and individual demonstrations. The access to a sounds library will be provided and it is also expected than the participants bring their own audios to work with. We will use the software Ableton Live, but the knowledge acquired could be applied to any other DAW (digital audio workstation).

Depending on the experience of the participants, the workshop will be adapted.

Using the tools at hand we can communicate in a powerful way. We will work with audio creatively to express ourselves beyond the visible.


Language: English/Spanish

Duration: 3 hours (15 minutes break)

10-12 places

The practise will be based on learning & applying:

-Audio editing tools.

-Using and understanding the grid to make rhythms/beats.

-Use of Warping, Simpler and Sampler.

-Ideas and proposals to structure/organize a composition




The workshop will focus on exploring sonic qualities of daily life objects and materials that surround us. We will play and interact with these elements to create a common soundscape made of unexpected and imaginary rhythms resulting in a collective library, new patterns, samples and sound pieces.

Perhaps through these practises we could expand the margins of what we sometimes call the dancefloor.

The main intentions will be to embrace the chaos and have fun together forgetting about the question of what is and what is not music.


EVERYBODY IS WELCOME: The workshop is absolutely open for beginners, and also for advanced users. It doesn’t matter if you have advanced skills in sound practice or just want to play and explore with sounds. All kinds of knowledge and backgrounds are welcome! Let's make a collective space to experiment and explore without judging. Let's learn from each other.

Language: English/Spanish

Duration: 3 hours (15 minutes break)

10-12 places available




-Possible Melting the grid workshop extension-

Language: English/Spanish

Duration: 3 hours (15 minutes break)

Max. 12 places available

This composition and exchange laboratory seeks to encourage the delivery of private material to be exposed/ activated/ manipulated by other listeners real time. We will explore the scope of sharing, challenging and composing together by developing a common sound identity, based on the particular aesthetics/decisions/surprises/oddities/???/ that each one reveals. The outcome will be sound pieces made and produced entirely by all participants. Computer rotation will be our main method of work, you should be up to share your computer with the group.


To participate in this workshop it’s highly recommended to have some previous experience using the software Ableton Live.

Language: English/Spanish

Duration: 3 hours (15 minutes break)

10-12 places available




ZVUK Synth Library, Prague, CZ

PRAHA Fórum pro architekturu a média, Brno, CZ

GAIN production course for girls* by AKKS Bergen, NO

CASo (Sound Art Center), Buenos Aires, AR

FADU, Buenos Aires, AR

ONLINE In collaboration with Dobra Robota editora, AR