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Tatiana Heuman's debut album 'QEEI' is a multi-layered collection of deconstructed pop songs marked by stuttering percussion, chaotic microsamples, and infectious vocal melodies. 

Heuman describes 'QEEI' as a collection of audible planets within orbit of the same galaxy of emotions. (The album was composed between the gravity that holds Buenos Aires, Puerto Escondido, and Berlin.) 'QEEI' does violence to borders through glassy ultrasound and entrancing hyperrhythms.

Each song is a different “preacher.” 'QEEI' formulates a pop music mangled and contorted to give voice to ‘contemporary witches.’

There is a side of digital brutalism to the music as well as humanistic breathing synthscapes and real human body sounds. Heuman experiments with the plasticity of personality, her “inner territory interacting with its own limits.” The result: “Wars.”



August 31, 2018                                           

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QEEI - Neempha EP 2014