a selection of works and collaborations:




MIX for In Between Spaces Radio - “How to return to the body? Cómo volver al cuerpo?”

Tatiana Heuman launched an open call questioning “How to return to the body? Cómo volver al cuerpo?”. We will listen to a collection of the multifaceted answers from Latin American sound collectives and networks. Collaborating in this piece with words and sounds: Mariana Carvalho, Inés Terra, Doda Lingua, Sofía Scheps, Ale Hop, Denise Fournier, Florencia Ruiz Ferretti, Bungalovv, Candie, Agustin Genoud, Flavia Goa & Isis Noguti, Mabe Fratti, Guillermina Etkin, ESLABRAVA, Sasha Sathya, LaNegrahLiyah, ELI QUETEMPORAL, Josefina Barreix, Nata Montoya, Aylu, El Pelele, Astrosuka, Volll, Jennitza, Rocío Fernández Doval, Floriana Lazzaneo.“



Sensory Overload Pt.3: Tatiana Heuman

Curated by Hisham Bharoocha

Improvisation performance using Sunhouse SENSORY PERCUSSION and Critter & Guitari visuals

video: Alec Coiro





"Neither God, nor Master or Husband" 

Radio piece in Collaboration with Florencia Curci

Part of El contagio feminista for KUNSTRADIO curated by Anna Raimondo

Collaborators: #VIVAS, SASHA SATHYA, ESLABRAVA, LaNegrahLiyah, ELI QUETEMPORAL, María Eugenia García, Josefina Barreix, Estudio Siesta del Fauno, Luciana Rizzo, Gabriela Areal

We propose a journey through time to suggest that the feminist contagion, which can be felt in the fabric of Buenos Aires, is the result of a complex polyrhythmic phenomenon. This work is an attempt to bring together these unique voices from different moments and social environments, which both summon and confuse us. In the last decade, the call for feminism has grown exponentially, thanks to the converging claims of previously divided social actors. Still, many forms of feminism coexist today, promoting different visions of the future. Are there feminist ways of dealing with time? Is there a feminist time or...perhaps rhythm?







Sound design and Live Music for YELLOW BANANADance Performance by Olivia Hyunsin Kim


@Sophiensaele, Berlin, DE, @Theater de Nieuwe Vorst, Tilburg, NL





Tatiana Heuman & Manuel Palenque – 001, A/V Performance @Mutek, CCK, Buenos Aires, AR


#VIVAS Acousmatic piece for Picninc Sessions with Tatiana Cuoco and Florencia Curci

@CA2M, Madrid 2018



Drummer and movement – Move Sound performance with Bibiana Jimenez, André Jolles, Phuong Bui, movement and Matthias Muche, trombone, Angelika Sheridan, flutes and Carl Ludwig Hübsch, Tube

@Rhenania, Köln, DE






Manja Ristic & Tatiana Heuman
Agua de Rosas, LP, independent


An intimate journey of two performers opens time portal to the magical island of Korčula where they live and create in domestic coexistence. 
The sound of a dog walking on a wooden floor, stone streets echoing with strange human activities, sound of birds and rain, and magnificent involvement of the kids, the recording unravels sonic showers of the atmosphere and handful of details produced with kitchen objects, found objects, built and/or prepared instruments. 




"A LO INFINITO" Original Soundtrack and live music, Dance performance

by Emergentes Company, Buenos Aires, AR

Dir. Carla Bugiolacchi

@CIUDANZA 2017 BA, Parque Indoamericano



“PIÑATA” Sound Sculture & Performance in Contemporary Arts Museum Oaxaca, MX


QEEIXUL  research with Karina Basile