She batters out tribal rhythms, making people literally sit up. - The Wire


Tatiana Heuman is a trip. The multidisciplinary Buenos Aires-based artist — she is equal parts producer, percussionist, and songwriter — takes everything you know about what a pop song should sound like and flips it, deconstructing layers of sound and vocals in a truly moving way. - The Fader


Argentina’s Tatiana Heuman is a “sound creator.” She’s an “avant-pop artist.” She’s so many things that we love and so much more than that. - Tiny Mix Tapes


Rhythms of defined club genres are present but the long form repetition is torn apart and a musical spontaneity is brought forth. Tatiana’s live show shot me with a huge burst of energy and excitement beyond all vitamins and nutrition.- Evan

Shornstein for Ravelin Magazine


The multi-instrumentalist is closing out August on a high note. In the video for ‘Munchies’ Heuman takes viewers on a psychedelic trip to the ocean.The video twists and turns; flipping the viewer on their head with sonic surprises the moment they feel they can predict what comes next. - Tom Tom Mag






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