Siestaria started officially the first week of February 2023 in LAR (Local de artes recientes, in english “recent arts venue”) a gallery space located in La Paternal, Buenos Aires, Argentina. In the context of a residency in this venue, we have carried out a series of playful, oneiric and pedagogical experiments. 

We initiated a space for play and exchange in which to develop a series of "propositions", term taken from the works by Lygia Clark and the writings by Suely Rolnik, defined as practices that favor access to their own power of creation and the eventual activation of the work to reappropriate it, making its abuse as infeasible as possible.

We worked for two days with a group of 13 people who identified as women, non-binary and LGBTQIA+ doing a series of practices that included guided meditations, communal drawing, exchange of dreams through objects, sounds and a collective installation activated with our bodies and voices inhabiting the space. Finally we made a series of photogrammetries (3D scans) as a method of documentation complementary to traditional audiovisual media as a way of linking following editions of siestaria in a virtual space. 

There were moments of verbal and non-verbal dialogue with the intention of investigating by wandering collectively in the space of the dream through expressive resources. The "SiESTARIA" developed like a living organism. It served as a plastic and intimate corner, changing according to the needs of the present.


“Against all the policies that seek to annihilate them, or to domesticate them, by proposing mirages, dreams prevail. Dreams are our human reserve par excellence.”

↳ by Lila Feldman - Sueño, medida de todas las cosas