I don't know

how loud

or if I

could laugh

(in the dark)


{  W I P  /  unreleased  /  only for documentation purposes  }

Some of the following visual and sound collages are based on my ongoing research about lullabies/nanas/sleeping_songs and their obscure origin and some others in my own or other people's dreams.

These format have been inspired by the work of the German-Argentine artist Grete Stern (Wuppertal 09/05/1904 - Buenos aires, 24/12/1999), who in the 1940s produced photomontages for the Argentinian women's magazine "Idilio". These works were based on dreams sent by the magazine's readers, that were analysed by a (male) psychologist called Gino Germani. An interpretation of the dream, together with the photomontage, were published weekly in the section "El psicoanálisis le ayudará" ("Psychoanalysis will help you") from 1948 to 1951. 


I believe that both dreams and lullabies do not have the importance as a historical document and that in contemporary times it is necessary to approach this relegated information in order to find new solutions to the crises of meaning that are becoming deeper and deeper in a hyper-productive and accelerated world. 

This is an attempt to create an archive from a specific method (sound/visual collage, in this case) and non-verbal that responds to the oneiric logic. It could be that from a non-verbal translation of a dream a lullaby emerges (and vice versa).